Jammu & Kashmir together adorn the map of India like a beautiful crown marking a unique presence and significance. Jammu being well known for its picturesque landscape & mountains, while Kashmir most popularly known as a ‘Paradise on Earth’ with its panoramic setting, induces a desire to own a home and indulge all senses into the depth of this magnificence.Believing in the simplicity that “There is nothing better than a warm loving home”, J&K Housing Board ensures to build houses of international standard that augments the beauty of the State.

J&K Housing Board came to existence in the year 1976, with the main objective to construct residential buildings for allotment to the public in accordance with the guidelines issued by the State Government and the prescribed procedure. The Board explores options to develop new colonies and take up commercially viable projects providing better housing facilities to the people of the State. It undertakes the State’s structural repairs and reconstruction, so as to make it structurally sound and safe for habitation with intention to provide basic amenities, such as water taps, drainage, pathways, sanitary systems, streetlights, etc.

The Board endeavors to enhance the living standards of the State and therefore emphasizes on special housing schemes for every section of the society. At the apex level, there are Directors appointed by the State Government under Section 3 of the Act.The Chairman appointed by the Government heads the Board. The Board so set up, decides all the policy matters and organizes a separate construction divisions, design cell, and other necessary paraphernalia for carrying out various activities.
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