Jammu & Kashmir with its natural beauty and location has spread its charm the world over. The environs of the State encapsulate the most beautiful natural scenery. Despite the availability of bounties of nature in plenty, the State has not achieved a level of growth required for the upliftment of living standard of people. Housing is one such attribute of utmost importance and is a part of overall infrastructural development which is vital for all-rounded development. The J&K Housing Board has been making endeavors for housing schemes ensuring best housing facilities and amenities for the masses which are their vital need.

The inclination towards societal welfare inspires the J&K Housing Board to develop housing colonies based on the economic status, catering to classes and masses equally irrespective of caste, creed or color. The board develops colonies that suffice the requirement of the urban culture and standards. With such an approach, we aim at concretizing a sense of belonging with the people of different castes and religions living within the state.

As the Housing Board claims its rightful position in the State, it is poised to tap the great opportunity to its optimum potential of developing colonies and commercial spaces with perfection. We develop land, prepare architectural drawings of different categories of plots including layout plan of housing colonies with basic amenities and infrastructural needs like metalled roads, street lighting, water and sewerage services and provision for schools, commercial and community spaces etc. There is every endeavor to maximize performance and ensure innovative, cost effective solutions, which will continuously work towards the betterment of J&K and lead the state towards a planned growth path.

The J&K Housing Board is steering ahead to bring forth housing and infrastructural facilities. I hope that the board will abide by its commitment to provide the best housing and infrastructural services to natives of the State.

The J&K Housing Board has to play a prominent role in reviving housing infrastructure of the State through efficient planning and judicious utilization of resources. It is acknowledged for its prime concern towards the provision of better housing & infrastructural services. The projects undertaken by the Board like urban development, residential projects and infrastucture development ultimately results in the benefit of local people facilitating advancement and welfare of the society as a whole.

It is heartening to know that the board has been making endeavor to come to the expectations of the people and has realized that a lot needs to be done.

J&K Housing Board

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